Jaworzno: Construction works of bio-reactive barrier completed

The construction of the biobarrier was preceded by several workshop meetings, the participants of which were representatives of Polish AMIIGA partners: City of Jaworzno and Central Mining Institute, associated partners: Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection and the former Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia, as well as scientists from the University of Silesia and Technical University of Liberec (AMIIGA partner from Czech Republic) and bio-barrier designers (INIKO).

Together, the best and most effective location of the biobarrier was established, both in terms of soil and water conditions and thickness of the layers, as well as the method of investment implementation. 

The barrier is located in the vicinity of Chemical Works “Organika Azot” S.A. at the groundwater downflow from a polluted area known as the “old waste dump by the railway track”. 

The bio-barrier is meant to treat groundwater of substances such as HCH, DDT, dieldrin or endrin pesticides, and also to limit their dissemination in the environment. There are enormous amounts of pollutants such as hydrocarbons or organochlorine pesticides gathered in the old waste dumps of Chemical Works “Organika Azot” in Jaworzno, and they belong to the most persistent pollutants present in the natural environment. 

The construction of bio-barrier concludes three connected tanks filled with different sorbents (zero-value iron, peat and a mixture of peat and aggregate).

The sorbents were selected after the laboratory test carried out jointly by researchers from Central Mining Institute and Technical University of Liberec.

The construction works of bio-barrier lasted about 3 months and ended on 26/01/2018.