Joint project Mid-Term Conference PROLINE-CE & CAMARO-D, 12th- 13thJune 2018, City Hotel Ljubljana, Slovenia 

In June 2018, a two-day conference was held in City Hotel Ljubljana, clustering PROLINE-CE and CAMARO-D projects. At the conference, other thematically related projects were presented as well, among others the AMIIGA project.

There were around 100 participants, mostly representatives of the project partners. Many of them, including the leading partner, participate in both projects, dealing with similar topics on water management. In doing so, Camaro-D is implemented in the Danube region, whereas Proline-CE is Central European program, just like our AMIIGA project.

In both projects, we are dealing with the same pilot area, that is Ljubljana - Ig, where we try to obtain key management solutions with mathematical modeling. In doing so, the AMIGA project is focused on the management of the pollution, or the remediation of the desethyl atrazine pollution plume near the Brest basin. Proline-CE project deals with the modeling of relations between surface and groundwater, surface and underground runoff, as well as floods and the search for solutions for space management and adapted spatial planning.

In fact, the conference was intended to this big synergy between projects. For this reason, the results of both projects must be followed closely in the AMIIGA project.