AMIIGA and minerals springs of Stuttgart 

Mineral springs in Stuttgart are, just after Budapest, the second largest European reservoir, with the discharge of 44 million liters per day. Twelve springs are richly carbonated, certified for medical use, and used for spa purposes to cure, heal and bath. Their protection deserves top priority, since they are an important cultural asset.
However, a few micrograms of chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHCs) per liter are still being detected in some springs. Although the CHC concentrations in the affected mineral springs do not threaten the spas and bathing possibilities, the city is committed to improving the quality of “Muschelkalk” aquifer and restoring the natural purity as far as technically possible.
The project AMIIGA aims to develop a groundwater management plan for the district Feuerbach, where more than 140 CHC-contaminated sites are located. They strongly influence the groundwater quality of the shallow aquifers. Their influence on the fractured rock aquifer system “Muschelkalk”, which discharges mineral springs, is being investigated in AMIIGA project.