Parma: Drilling of 7th well completed

On June 20th, the Municipality of Parma completed the drilling of the 7th well in order to finalize the monitoring network for the natural attenuation monitoring.

The borehole was drilled up to a depth of 30 m, then a new monitoring well has been installed up to the depth of 25 m with a screen between 15 to 21 m. Two permeability tests have been performed (one slug test to estimate the hydraulic conductivity of the investigated aquifer and one Lefranc test to estimate the hydraulic conductivity of the bottom confinement).

At the moment, the whole monitoring network in the Functional Urban Area consists of 11 wells. Thanks to the AMIIGA Project, the Municipality of Parma has built a well detailed network to monitor the shallow groundwater.

During the last sampling campaign (May 2018) and for the remaining monitoring of the groundwater the Municipality of Parma and the University of Parma have decided to investigate also 2,2,2-trichloro-1,1 ethanediol, trichloroacetate.