Parma: Management Plan updated

The Municipality of Parma, Partner of AMIIGA project, has approved the Management Plan (MP) in March 2019: the main items of the action plan were:

  • to continue the biannual sampling campaigns in the AMIIGA network,
  • to elaborate a Risk Analysis for the kindergarden „Arlecchino“ area,
  • to assess the contamination plumes and to identify the sources of the contamination.

During the summer 2019, Parma Municipality and the Environmental local Authorities had some meetings to decide and plan the needed activities to elaborate the Risk Analysis in the Arlecchino kindergarden area; three new interventions have been established:

  1. phytoscreening in the trees of the garden,
  2. drilling 1 or 2 new monitoring wells in the «Arlecchino» area,
  3. performing a new sampling campaign in the old and new monitoring wells.

Consequently, the Municipality of Parma had to update the Management Plan: the revision - 2nd semester 2019 - of the MP has been approved the 15 October 2019.

Management Plan can be found below in PDF format.

Download the Parma Management Plan (PDF)