RIG-Workshop in Parma

A new RIG-workshop was held in Parma on January 29th, focusing on the Management Plan (MP) approval. The draft of the MP was elaborated by the Municipality of Parma and sent to the RIG partecipants about ten days before the meeting. 

Many people attended the meeting, technician from Local Public Environmental Authorities,  stakeholders and professors from University. Mr Marco Ghirardi (Municipality of Parma) and Mr. Andrea Zanini (University of Parma) illustrated contents of the Management Plan, that was structured on a wide area around the pilot site of Piazzale Santa Croce in Parma.

The framework of Parma Management Plan includes: a general introduction on the initial contaminant of the groundwater and the flow situation, the activities carried out by AMIIGA, the targets that should be reached in the AMIIGA project dissemination and the essential measures to achieve those goals.

During the meeting, the RIG participants suggested some revisions or integrations, that will be accepted and added in the final version. At the end, the Regional Implementation Group approved the Management Plan. According to the deliverables of AMIIGA, the Municipality of Parma is going to approve formally the Management Plan before the end of April.