Regional Implementation Group (RIG)

The goal of AMIIGA is to develop the groundwater management plans for the remediation of the seven pilot areas (see Keyword Management Plan). Since the management plan has to be sustainable, realizable and operative on a long term, the responsible authorities for groundwater and soil, as well as stakeholders, are involved in its development from the very beginning. 
All persons, which are included in the development of the management plan of a pilot, are the members of the “regional implementation group (RIG)”. Their acting and influence on the project is assured through regular meetings, which guarantee a proper development and implementation of the management plan. 
Members of the RIGs can be local and regional authorities, owners of contaminated sites, consultants, regulating bodies, environmental authorities etc. 
Their commitment supports the collection of data, the definition of remediation targets, priorities and measures; they share responsibilities for the successful implementation of the management plan and the securing of funds for the remediation targets.