Rzeszow University of Technology Department of                       Enterprise, Management and Ecoinnovation

Ignacy Łukasiewicz Rzeszow University of Technology is a state-funded academic university that makes up a part of the Polish national education and science system. Rzeszow University of Technology offers its students a wide variety of programs and courses. It also undertakes research and scientific projects in the following specialized fields of the applied sciences: engineering, mathematics, physics, economics, as well as the chemical and biological sciences.

Through its multilateral co-operation with entrepreneurial and industrial entities, the University carefully constructs and tailors its academic programs to offer students and graduates the most rewarding hands-on experience, benefitting the development of their professional careers on both a local and national level. The University’s approach to learning provides students with an education grounded in the common values of respect for their community, their state and the principles of human rights. It teaches them the value of patriotism coupled with tolerance and the exercise of due diligence in carrying out their student responsibilities. In its activities, the University cultivates and realizes the humanistic and intellectual ideals advocated and followed by its patron – Ignacy Łukasiewicz.

Major Areas of Research:

The Department of Enterprise, Management and Ecoinnovativeness takes the following research problems:

•       the importance of innovation and eco-innovation in the development of modern companies;

•       determination of optimal support directions for the technological development of the Region (foresight);

•       implementation and operation of the environmental management systems in companies from Podkarpackie Region;

•       Analysis of conditions for development of SME’s in the Podkarpackie Region;

•       human resource management in companies;

•       conducting research on the development of a knowledge-based economy;

•       implementation of periodic surveys of the partnership in the Aviation Valley cluster;

•       the impact of globalization on the development of the agri-food sector;

•       setting strategic directions of development of direct sales and organic farming in the Podkarpackie region.