About the Synergy project

To overcome common challenges including: administrative barriers for innovation, low global innovation performance & technology transfer, low New Member States participation in R&D, inefficient funding for local innovative initiatives, SYNERGY aims at enhancement innovativeness in EU regions through strengthening linkages & beyond border cooperation to create synergy between actors: SMEs, industry, research, intermediaries & policy makers. SYNERGY idea is to analyze finalized projects, then profile selected institutions & cluster them into 3 Key Project’s Areas (KPAs) covering the most promising modern industrial technologies: 1.Additive Manufacturing & 3D-Printing (laser technologies, lithography, Inkjet, FDM, printing technologies) 2.Micro-&Nanotechnology-related Processes & Materials (Nanoparticle-filled materials, novel nanomaterials, knowledge management& databases for micro-& nanotechnology-related processes & materials, OHS issues related to nanosafety) 3.Industry 4.0 (decentralised or customised production, production assistance systems, Human-machine interface, tailor-made products) Approach is innovative because: - every step of the project will use synergy of PPs - will be supported by development of several state-of-the-art IT tools - will establish living linkages among regional actors through innovative Synergic Networks within 3 KPAs - will develop new crowd innovation services, which will be tested through different types of pilot actions (eg. rent-a-robot or merchandising articles) - Synergic Crowd Innovation Platform (SCIP) will be developed to become a space for enhancement open innovation, crowdsoucing and -funding, microworking among PPs regions - will provide mechanism ensuring crowdfunding for innovative solutions for the CE society - will develop “a ready to adopt” generic regional crowd innovation strategy All mentioned solutions will deliver transnational added value of project.