Are we Ghost Busters? 
Yes, we are!

We are sure you know the feeling when you see a beautiful building abandoned by citizens and inhabited by „ghosts”.
You might have also seen iconic buildings with blind windows, hollow halls, yawning gates. 
Places where people worked, loved, lived before. Places where earlier happiness or success glowed out from windows. 
Places where you had your first date, you shared your first kiss.

In these moments  your heart has been squeezed for sure, but your brain tried to find out what could be a new role for these venues, 
how their ghosts could be busted out. In Forget Heritage we have the opportunity to develop a method and an application 
to help cities in Central Europe to revitalize their forgotten heritage.

 We focus on citizens’ involvement into planning and we would like to involve creative industry enterprises into implementation.
We will develop together a management manual – Ok, we know you have heard a lot of about management manuals which became ghosts of drawers – but in this case we will test this manual on pilot projects.

Almost all of our partners have a pilot project, where their own ghost buildings will come to life with creative industry partners.
 With local governments as public, citizens and creative SMEs as private partners, we are sure that we are building powerful ghostbuster teams throughout Europe.