Humanitarian Corridor in aid of Afghan refugees 

As well know from the news of recent weeks, the socio-political crisis in Afghanistan has led many citizens to flee civil war asking political asylum.

Within the program of Afghan collaborators and their families' relocation, the Italian government together with the army has transferred a large number of refugees on Italian soil.

Thanks to the creation of Humanitarian Corridors and the link with local communities, one of these family will be allocated in Castelnuovo di Ceva (Mondovì, CN). It is the first municipality that gives the availability for the reception of Afghanistan refugees.

This make us understand how the implementation of the model carried out by P5 - Ceva Mountain Union within the project Arrival Regions is very effective and  contextual to this historical period. In the near future we will need small rural areas able to act in line with central government but with autonomous resources in order to transform what is now a public expenditure in a future opportunity for rural areas.