Study Trip #1: Nuevos Senderos & Red De Centros (ES)

 The 24th and 25th September the team from Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography (DE), Burgenland Distrct (DE), City of Osijek (HR), Information Legal Center (HR) and Center Rotunda (SI) visited Cepaim Foundation in Seville. 
The foundation was founded 25 years ago, in order to attend the migrants who were increasingly arriving in Spain: in the 1990s, the main institutions which were working with migrants joined and created the CEPAIM Foundation at a national level, which was one of the very first institutions working with migrants and refugees.

Cepaim Logo

The first day the team visited the foundation and meet the coordinator of the project “Red de Centros de Empleo Ítaca” ("Employment Centres Network ITACA”); the project offers migrants the following services: 

  • Social and labor orientation, information and advice. 
  • Pre-training and workshops to improve general aspects for employability.
  • Spanish classes: the Spanish teachers belongs to a team of volunteers for this matter. However, all of them are teachers or philologists.
  • Basic occupational training.
  • Collaboration with companies and promotion of job offers
  • Entering the labor market and monitoring and maintaining employmen
  • Other accompanying measures.


The second day was focused on “Nuevos Senderos” Project, that promotes the integration of foreign immigrant families into vulnerable rural areas of Spain.
The main goal of this project , ongoing since 2002, is to provide rural municipalities with human resources and as a consequence maintain existing social and economic activities that might be threatened by the process of depopulation.

La Corellera

 Download a detailed description of good practices in the Document section.