Study trip #7: Migration Hub Network

The last study trip bring us back to the hearth of Germany.

Our partner from the University of Szczecin visited the Migration Hub network in Berlin on the 5th december: the institution provides support to international social projects working with migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, create a platform for migrant entrepreneurs in order to aid their business opportunities, provide them with guidance to “migrapreneurs”, social enterprises and companies. Furthermore it helps to create the connection and exchange between projects in order to increase their impact and long-term potential.

Migration Hub

Migration Hub

The "Me 4 Change" project is one of the main activities carried out by the network: the idea came from the need to certify the knowledge of migrants, as they can’t perform their job without German certification.
Migrant entrepreneurs can provide goods and services that might not exist or be limited in their absence (especially in regard to services),  moreover they can generate additional employment and promote trade with countries of origin.

The scope of the ME4Change – Migrants Empowerment for Change – project was to create, improve and provide wider dissemination of support schemes for young migrant entrepreneurs to help them becoming self-employed and building a successful enterprise (profit- generating or with social objectives).


Download a detailed description of good practices in the Document section, find more information on the following links: