Study trip #5: Bee My Job and Welcoming Village

The study trips across Europe are almost reaching the end...for our team is time to visit good practices in Italy! On 11th and 12th November our delegation from Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany meet APS Cambalache and Pacefuturo Onlus in North Italy.

The first day APS Cambalache, an association based in Alessandria (IT) working in the migrants hosting and support since 2011, illustrate the launch and development of their main project Bee My Job, that brings two important massages:

- The beekeeping job is strongly connected with nature, bees are a symbol of cooperation within a community.
- In Italy there is a big problem with the so called „Caporalato“ (migrants exploitation in agriculture): the project shows that there are legal and respectful opportunities in this job sector.


Bee My Job

BeeMyJob project is designed since 2015 to answer refugees’ need for social inclusion through professional training, job opportuinities, housing and citizens’ awareness: the model now is working in eight italian regions and has been reproduced in different job categories (Heliciculture, welding, ...)



The team in APS Cambalche small shop

The second day  Pacefuturo Onlus hosted our team in the wonderful Villa Piazzo in Pettinengo, Biella. The association was born officially in 2004 and it is working mainly on the following theme:  Culture and Peace (peace promotion), welcome and solidarity (support to vulnerable people), economy and territory (craftsmanship, artistic and landscape heritage recovery and valorisation)

 textile laboratory

The Textile Laboratory

The Association realizes concrete projects of solidarity and the so-called generative welfare, hosting non-EU arrivals and involving them in different activities, like beekeeping and weaving.
In this amazing atmosphere art exhibitions are hosted, as vehicle for a deepest understanding of the integration process ongoing: the exhibition “Souvenir” shows, from a different point of view, the expectations of migrants as they arrived in Italy.
Finally, in the afternoon, our delegation had the opportunity to meet and talk with some of the association guest in Villa Pasini host structure.

Villa Piazzo

Our delegation in Villa Piazzo garden

Download a detailed description of good practices in the Document section, find more information on the following links: