Study Trip #2: Formularlotse (DE)

Arrival Regions continue to investigate good practices across Europe: the team from Leipzig, Burgenland district and the municipality of Torre Pellice visited Treibhaus e.V. in Dobeln. 

Logo Treibhaus

The socio cultural Centre supports the integration of migrants into local society and within bureaucratic path in Saxony. The 21st October the team had the opportunity to share and learn from the Centre innovative ways to support integration of foreign migrants into local society

The BlankPilots (Formularlotse) project has been presented by the hosting organization: through this project Treibhaus helps immigrants  in Döbeln:

- get better understanding of German bureaucratic system;
- become aware about the importance of legal obligations and deadlines;
- decrease the level of frustration and anger in case of unsuccessful applications;
- activate self-learning process;
- increase their participation in local social life;
- improve their financial situation;
- receive better social recognition through successful employment.

Team trei

Download a detailed description of good practices in the Document section.
Further details about BlankPilots on project website: