Assessing partner and pilot site expectations of a Virtual 'know-how' centre

27. 7. 2020

In the next few months INTENT partners will finalise the INTENT Virtual know-how centre. An on-line web-based portal accessible for partners and interested stakeholders. Virtual know-how centre will be a repository of good practices in delivering patient-centred care and will include key materials prepared by the INTENT project: patient-centred care model (PCCM), its implementation guidelines, indicator sets, etc. and link them to collected examples of good practices and innovative solutions for implementing the PCCM principles as described in the previous session.

Integral part of the VKHC will be an online benchmarking tool, allowing the authorised personnel from participating centres to collect data on indicators of particular centre or to collect individual responses (from patients or staff) through online surveys, and to perform benchmarking exercise between participating centres (e.g. comparison of results with standards, best performers, etc.)

In the process of VKHC development representatives of all involved project partners were asked at their stakeholder panels for opinions and requirements for design of the Virtual know-how centre. Short statements from participants of local stakeholder panels on their expectations of a Virtual know-how centre were collected.

Survey with all the statements is available HERE