The Smart Re-Use Park concept was implemented in Tyrol as the online platform www.noamol.at.

This platform shows the citizens environmentally friendly and resource-saving alternatives for throwing away used items. Conversely, there is also information about how to get used goods. The platform deliberately does not speak of "buying" - there are other options such as renting, lending or swapping. The central question is: "Do you want to give or take?". Depending on whether you have something to give yourself or are looking for a certain item.  

The platform involves re-use and other measures to extend the lifecycle of a product. The longer a product is used, the better and more sustainable the resources (raw materials, energy, etc.) are used. This protects the environment.  

A Smart Re-Use Park is a physical and/or virtual space, where different actors carry out activities in the field of product life extension (collection of re-useable items, preparation for re-use, sales of used goods, repair, rental, upcycling etc.). This can include second-hand shops, local networks engaged in re-use and repair, repair cafès, educational labs, second-hand online marketplaces, re-use related workshops, public events, exhibitions as well as Research & Development of innovative business models for the cooperation between the public and social-private sector. 

In the first phase, the cooperation partners in Tyrol defined the entire Innsbruck-Stadt region and the Innsbruck-Land and Schwaz districts as the geographical extent of the re-use park in accordance with the given framework conditions in Tyrol. Subsequently, the rest of Tyrol will also be integrated into the Re-Use Park or the platform. 

noamol.at combines a practical search function with all kinds of information about re-use events, dates or DIY tips and tricks. The platform was programmed with particular attention to mobile applications, which will account for the majority of access in the future. 

The platform operators (ATM GmbH, IKB) see themselves as a service organization for the respective communities and their citizens. By making all actors in the area of re-use visible on this information platform, awareness of a sustainable lifestyle is increased, which subsequently also benefits the added value of the actors.

Additional info at:
Smart-Re-Use Park Mid-Tyrol [Johannes Münsch, Waste Management Association Mid-Tyrol]