Innovative solution for sustainability - Solar-powered bus storage facility in Budapest 


The environmental and climate protection, sustainable energy management along with decreasing our carbon footprint are not only our tasks but they are also our common interests. A cleaner and more liveable vision serves the objective of Budapest transport operator BKV to the fullest. The two bus storage facilities inaugurated today on the premises of the Kelenföld Bus Division along with the solar panel system installed on their roof are not only a new step in the realisation of the climate and energy strategy of BKV, but they are also an asset to realise a greener and more liveable Budapest.

Today BKV’s latest energy-efficient investment, the solar-panel system installed on the premises of the Kelenföld Bus Division was inaugurated. The promotion of renewable energies and the provision of a cleaner and more liveable environment are two endeavours of BKV, which can also contribute to the realisation of the environmental and climate protection objectives in Budapest.

In his speech given during the inauguration, Tibor Bolla, the CEO of the company emphasised that this development would be realised at the company’s oldest bus depot, proving that even a company with a long history is able to respond to and meet the challenges of the future. He also presented the “masked buses” to be put into service on Budapest’s roads soon, to call passengers’ attention to the importance of the measures taken against the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Dávid Dorosz, Deputy Mayor of Budapest for Climate and Development made the following declaration: “I would like to express my thanks to the employees working at BKV Zrt. This development proves it well that we can do a lot to promote climate protection also in our own environment and life.”

Mr. Gergely Karácsony, Mayor of Budapest called people’s attention to the following aspect: “The stagnant economy occurred due to the coronavirus pandemic provides possibilities for us to rethink the strategies of the development when it resumes. Investments based on the green economy are important not only in terms of climate protection but also in terms of cost-effectiveness. Similar investments could play key roles in BKV’s sustainable operation.”


The location of the project has both practical and symbolic significance as the Kelenföld Bus division is the home for BKV’s zero-emission, purely electric buses. Due to this recent development, our bus depot situated in Kelenföld has become such a green island, which not only provides electric buses to passengers, but also generates some of their electricity-related needs from renewable energy by replacing fossil fuel.

BKV Zrt. has installed on the roof of the two bus storage facilities a solar panel system whose total capacity is 200 kw, providing this capacity by a number of 648 solar panels, each of whose capacity is 310 W. The expected annual generated electricity is a total of 220.000 kWh, which can meet ca. 9% of the electricity demand of the facility with the inclusion of 40% of the electricity demand of e-buses.

solar power

Over the profit of the return-on-investment period, advantages and benefits of the solar systems are that they are durable, decrease carbon footprint while making our environment greener and have limitless resources.

The listed aspects can well demonstrate that responsible energy management and energy-conscious operation at a large company cannot be realised without the application of alternative energy resources.

Energetics-related development realised so far at BKV Zrt. (in Hungarian)

Virtual Power Plant Program

BKV is again an energy-conscious enterprise

The latest energetics-related development has been finalised at BKV Zrt. 

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