Climathon 2020 - Be the change!

13-14 November 2020

For 24 hours, interested citizens will brainstorm ideas all around urban climate innovations, at the Climathon on 13th and 14th November 2020. The global hackathon takes place in more than 200 cities around the globe and Leipzig will be one of them. You can find more information about the global Climathon 2020 here.

In Germany, different Impact Hubs came together to provide a local virtual format of the Climathon this year, where experts from different fields, students and other interested citizens can work on challenges together.

The main goal of the hackathon is to improve the network of motivated citizens and provide model solutions and innovative strategies in order to deal with climate challenges we are facing today.

Leipzig’s partners of the EfficienCE project are participating in this year’s Climathon with the following challenge:

“How can mobility in Leipzig be made sustainable through the common use of traffic and mobility data?”

By asking this question, the challenge initiates a discussion around one of the major challenges Leipzig will have to face in the upcoming years.

Leipzig is one of the most dynamic cities in Germany and its population has been growing rapidly in the last decade. Current prognosis estimate a population of 665 000 people in 2040, which is a huge number in comparison to the 500 000 inhabitants in 2010.

With the participation in the hackathon, we hope to bring together motivated citizens and explore new strategies and creative concepts in order to deal with the enormous challenges the local traffic system have to work out.

Important factors that have to be discussed will be the local public transport system, car sharing options, cycling, pedestrians and individual traffic. We need to evaluate the advantages of open data and open source solutions and discuss possible strategies on how to work with these options most effectively.

We are excited to see what will happen at the Climathon 2020 and look forward to lively discussions! Further information about the Climathon Leipzig and tickets are available here