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TrentinoSalute4.0 showcases best practice in InterregCE project digitalLIFE4CE

Autonomous Province of Trento, 31st August 2018

“I had the chance to spend the 15 August break with my wonderful grandmother Rosa, 65 years old, who uses her smartphones for watching her nephews’ video and photos” - said Paola Tessari, a Trentino resident.

“Gramma is a bit messy and she keeps losing her paper documents: as a matter of fact, she was overstressed because she could not find the folder containing all her medical records and her documents. She has turned her place upside down but could not find her latest blood tests and the ticket for the phlebologist appointment she desperately needed. This was a disaster! She was panicking; the appointment was the next week and she had been waiting for it for over six months. Seeing her like that made me feel useless” - explained Paola.

This is just an example that might occur in our daily lives. In order to solve this common issue, TreC_FSE has been created by three local stakeholders, the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Bruno Kessler Foundation, and the Trentino Care Trust which, together, have established a network called TrentinoSalute4.0 for digital health and wellbeing.The app allows citizens of the Autonomous province of Trento to access their health records and consult their medical reports, specialist recipes, and withdraw medicines at the pharmacy through your their own smartphone or tablet.

Paola and her grandmother downloaded the TreC_FSE app on Rosa’s smartphone. This way, she was able to find the documents she was looking for very quickly and can access them whenever and wherever she likes. They were both incredibly relieved.

The TreC-FSE app is one of the technical infrastructure for Integrated Healthcare that the Trentino Province is introducing in the InterregCE project digitalLIFE4CE. This project aims to foster innovation in integrated healthcare system solutions.

With the aim to share the best practices of digital health solutions in Central Europe, the partners of digitalLIFE4CE have created a knowledge platform called “Learning Hub”. In the single courses, people can participate, learn and share expertise about innovations in integrated healthcare throughout Europe. 

The “learning hub” has the following 6 thematic courses:

1/Connected Health & Network Building

2/Digitalisation for Healthcare Management

3/Digitalisation for Health Promotion & Prevention

4/Digital Assistance in Healthcare Delivery

5/Big Data & digital Health Trends

6/Technical & Organisational Infrastructure for Integrated Healthcare

The platform is currently being tested internally and will be launched by the end of September 2018. Afterwards everyone who is interested in one of the six topics mentioned above, can take part in the learning courses for enhancing and sharing knowledge. For further information please contact or

by Olivia Balagna and Sara Testa