Behind the Scenes: 
Meet our partner Bruno Kessler Foundation from Trento, Italy

Trento, 30. May 2019

Who are you as institution? Tell us about your work.

Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) is situated in Trentino, a North East Italy region governed under a special autonomy statute. With more than 350 researchers, FBK conducts research in the areas of Information Technology, Materials and Microsystems, Italo-Germanic studies, and Religious studies. FBK participates in and leads several FP7 projects. The Centre for Information Technology at FBK focuses research on Software Systems, Knowledge Management and Next Generation Internet (ontology and semantic Web) with a bias towards application. The autonomous province acts as a pilot customer for service-oriented projects, providing experimental evidence on benefit, cultural growth, and welfare improvement. FBK research aims at promoting innovation through a networked system that involves companies, other research institutions, universities, public bodies, and end-users within the province as well as internationally. 

What is your intuition doing in the field of digital integrated healthcare? 

The Centre for Information Technology at FBK is organized in Research Units that contribute their competencies to the project. Research and innovation in the field of Medical Informatics, in fact, is the core business of one of the FBK electronic-Health Research Unit (eHealth), an interdisciplinary research group that studies methods and models for the design, implementation and evaluation of prototypic applications and ICT-based innovative services supporting the management of data, information and knowledge in healthcare domain. The two main research themes are eHealth applications and services supporting a model of care centered on citizens and patients (Patient-centered eHealth), and models and applications aimed to healthcare professionals (Clinical e-Health) for supporting high quality care process.

What is your role in digitalLIFE4CE? 

We are leader of WP3.

What is your motivation for being partner in this project? 

Thanks to DL4CE we had the possibility to join many interesting workshops and seminars to find out more about digital healthcare in Europe: many new relationship were established, leading also to creating a docking point.

This interview was conducted with Sara Testa.