Behind the Scenes: 
Our partner in Hungary -
Pannon Business Network

Győr, 29. March 2019

Who are you as institution? Tell us about your work.

Pannon Business Network is a regional development agency in Western Hungary. With the support of European Union funds and projects we are gathering knowledge and good practices from all over Europe to help the SMEs in the region to get the most accurate inputs and information from various technics, state-of-the art products, processes and services. Technology transfers are done as well: modern tools, devices and platforms are showcased and education to these is offered for the interested companies and students as well.

What is your intuition doing in the field of digital integrated healthcare? 

PBN gained experience in various international projects. The activities carried out had various goals, like creating a Mobile diagnostic application, collect, evaluate and support AAL-related tools & services, just as to develop various online and offline products for elderly people.
As an organisation, together with our network of experts and organisations we try to support all kind of activities within the region that serves the wellbeing of the population.

What is your role in digitalLIFE4CE?

As the leaders for the thematic work package nr. 4 (Transnational Strategy & Roadmap for CENTRAL Europe Digital Healthcare Solutions) we coordinate the tasks and the fulfillment of the individual activities. We try to achieve with the partners the following two main outputs:
Central European task force for future foresight and strategic cooperation, in which docking points to strategic initiatives suitable flagship projects & synergistic EU project structures are set. This also means that Central European stakeholders & European experts establish common processes to foster & gain direct operative actions out of future search. On the other hand, we strive to establish Central European capitalisation strategy for integrated digital healthcare solutions with mutual EU linkages.

What is your motivation for being partner in this project?

The competencies of the consortium is very wide. A very professional team has been set up, with various expertise and knowledge. From the very beginning we thought that this team can achieve the goals that were set up.
As a regional organisation, we believe that the knowledge can be transferred to our region and also, we can help the participating organisations with our own experiences. 

Ákos Eder from Pannon Business Network (PBN) was interviewed.