Behind the Scenes:
Autonomous Province of Trento

Trento, 25. June 2019

Who are you as institution? Tell us about your work

I am the Director of the Innovation and Research Office of the Department of Health and Social Policies of the Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT). The main activities carried on by the Office regards: preparing the address acts of innovation and research in health and social field and in the area of e-health; promoting and coordinating at provincial level the specific themes of e-health, of Research and Innovation in health; keeping the relationship/collaboration with the local Healthcare Trust Service in the e-Health field; collaborating with the Social Policy Service for the promotion of the specific theme of the innovation and development in the social field; working with the Ministry of Health and with the other Regions (e.g. through ProMIS network) for the Innovation and Research in health and social area and in the field of e-health; promoting European and national projects in order to introduce innovation in health and social services and coordinating their Realisation.

What is your intuition doing in the field of digital integrated healthcare?

Integration of care delivery in Trentino rides on a citizen/patient – centered approach in which the accessibility in terms of ease of use and overall smooth access to digital health services is done following usability standards for better linkage from Institutions to citizens of the health services. In fact in Trentino there is a systematic approach on rendering digital tools to be delivered in standard forms that the citizens/patients are familiar with (such as mobile apps) in which citizenship can access their various healthcare services (e.g. access to referrals, medical recipes’, prescriptions, etc.) that are interconnected through fully integrated tools (e.g. TreC platform).

What is your role in digitalLIFE4CE?

I am the contact person for my Institution and I support my colleagues in carrying on all the activities of the project, mainly as a supervisor.

What is your motivation for being partner in this project?

PAT is strongly committed in the development of digital health, as it is one of the main actors of the competence centre TrentinoSalute 4.0, which also includes tthe Provincial Healthcare Trust (APSS) in the role of provider of the service and the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) as a research institute. PAT has been endorsed in written form by the National Ministry of Health for the project.

This interview was conducted with Diego Conforti.