Behind the Scenes: STEP Ri

Get to know our digitalLIFE4CE partner in Croatia 

Who are you as institution? Tell us about your work.

The Step Ri Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka was established in 2008 by the University of Rijeka in order to become the premier science and technology hub, facilitating the commercialization of Research and Development and to foster cooperation between the scientific community and industry. Step Ri is a widely recognized centre of innovative and entrepreneurial support infrastructure of the ministries of Economy and Entrepreneurship and Crafts in Croatia, a partner in the Proof of Concept programme organized by the Croatian agency for SMEs and investments (HAMAG-BICRO) as well as a major regional provider of business know-how. Step Ri was named Best Business Support Institution in Croatia for the year 2012.

STEP RI has been participating in several EU and national funding programmes and U.S. State Department grants and has gained experience and deep understanding of project management, procedures and regulations.

 STEP RI can ensure a professional and committed involvement bringing an important added value in different areas:

  • Dissemination and exploitation of project results
  • Pilot testing
  • First class innovation management, knowledge and consulting based on global up-to-date best practices of: creation of disruptive and sustainable innovations – products and services, product and business model innovation, improvement of existing products/services – customer centered innovation based on outcome driven innovation methodology, innovation commercialization strategies, IPR protection, accounting and access to finance.
  • Education on specific topics such as IPR protection, business model innovation, pricing
  • Organization of various workshops using the Step Ri conference and education facilities
  • Networking with the University of Rijeka researchers and scientists.

What is your institution doing in the field of digital integrated healthcare?

Since STEP RI represents a science & technology hub which facilitates the commercialization of research & development, as well as foster collaboration between the Academia and the business sector, it is a valuable partner in this project. STEP RI can and will contribute by its expertise in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as the business support. We see our main contribution in the field of connecting our regional companies, institutions, organizations with companies, institutions and organizations in other regions of Central Europe, as well as contributing by the business model evaluations, since it is our expertise.

What is your role in digitalLIFE4CE?

 STEP RI coordinates participation of associated partner Clinical-hospital center Rijeka, participates at Steering Committee meetings, sets up working groups of staff members of project partners with qualified skills and knowledge on the project topics committed to reach objectives. Moreover, as other PPs, STEP RI contributes to achieve goals of the communication work package, and it is in charge of managing its media relation agenda and activities, national effective digital communication, arrange participation to regional public events and workshops; manage joint transnational conferences, as well as contributes to publications.

What is your motivation for being partner in this project?

Main motivation arises from cooperation with such an impressive project partnership. Participation in this project enables STEP RI to broaden its network and establish collaboration with institutions, organizations and companies from the Central Europe region. Moreover, digital solutions in healthcare system are very important for our region and STEP RI wants to participate in building a partnership that will contribute to the quality of the healthcare system.

 The Interview was made with Ana Marković Čunko.