Behind the Scenes: 
VFG Leipzig e.V.

Leipzig, 22nd February 2018

Partnerinterview with Rebecca Winter

Who are you as institution? Tell us about your work.

VFG Leipzig e.V. was founded in 2004 on behalf of the City of Leipzig to strengthen the cooperation of the healthcare players in Leipzig and it’s region. With united power Leipzig’s healthcare branch has been able to work together in a variety of projects to improve the healthcare for Leipzig’s citizens. Our working groups are an integrated part of our work and support the strategy to strengthen Leipzig as internationally well-known healthcare hot spot. Once a year we unite experts from the healthcare branch in central Germany to learn and discuss the latest developments in healthcare. The event is known as Leipziger Forum Gesundheitswirtschaft (Leipzig Forum Healthcare Economy) and attracts stakeholders, policy makers and people who are interested in the development of healthcare.

 What is your institution doing in the field of digital integrated healthcare?

As association we support eHealth Start Ups and mature companies in this field to bring their products or services into the market or into the integrated healthcare system. Furthermore we integrate the core topic of digital health into all our working groups to build new cooperation among the key players in the regional healthcare branch. With support of our members and stakeholders we award innovative eHealth Start Ups at out yearly Leipziger Forum Gesundheitswirtschaft. The winner receives attractive prices and joins our network to connect even better with the regional healthcare players. Above that, we work closely together with the Smart Infrastructure Hub Leipzig to shape the input of digitalization in healthcare in Leipzig.

 What is your role in digitalLIFE4CE?

VFG gladly takes over the Communication Lead in digitalLIFE4CE. Therefore we will focus on the overall communication of the project to address our project outputs and development to stakeholders  and people who are interested in innovation in integrated system solutions. We are excited to let the world know about digitalLIFE4CE and are happy to work together closely with all partners. Besides, VFG is project partner equal to the other partners. We support deliverables with content from Leipzig and Saxony and also take over the responsibilities for sub deliverables.

Through our experience with working groups in our association, we are happy to lead the working group “Digitalization in Health Prevention and Promotion”. Here we are going to work together with the working group members and figure out how to digitally reach people who are not aware of health prevention and promotion.

What is your motivation for being partner in this project?

One of VFGs central roles in Leipzig is to enrich the healthcare environment by networking and introducing new cooperation as well as providing advice to the local and regional healthcare policy makers. digitallIFE4CE makes it possible to even better connect members, stakeholders and policy makers to answer weaknesses in the innovation of better healthcare.

Rebecca Winter VFG digitalLIFE4CE