Spot seminar in Prague

Prague (Czech Republic)
Activity: Spot seminar
Target: Technicians 
Participants: General public, NGO, Decision makers, Technicians, Local public authority, Sectoral agency

Spot seminar in Prague

Spot seminar focused on the results achieved by BhENEFIT project in Czech Republic and in the other Central Europe countries.

Within the BhENEFIT project, new methods of a comprehensive perspective and approach to sustainable development on HBA’s have been proposed. The purpose of the seminar was to provide information on current results and especially methods of the BhENEFIT project, as they are also tested on the pilot projects by other foreign project partners. Possibilities of applying these methods in the HBA environment in the Czech Republic were examined within the discussion.

The spot seminar presented the GBC Historic Building tool as a certification method for assessing the sustainability of buildings in a historical environment. 
During the seminar, the GBC Historic Building tool - which was already being tested by other project partners in other Central Europe Countries - and the methods proposed by BhENEFIT project were tested and illustrated on the example of the Mikulov National House revitalization project.

New methods of evaluation of the project sustainability in historical environment were introduced, using the outputs of BhENEFIT project and the experience of the other CE Project partners.