Training: ICT Tools for HBA management and HBA management strategy 

26/09/2019 - 11/10/2019
TRAINING - HBA management strategy 
Target: Decision makers
Participants: Welfare Sector, Education Sector; Family, Childhood, Equal opportunities Sector

The events were arranged in order to present the project and to discuss about how to effectively manage Mantova heritage in an integrated way with different subjects involved in the management of that heritage. The municipality departments involved in these trainings seems to be border line in the project context but in reality the departments have lot of projects and strategies on-going within the city centre (lot of fragile people live the city centre and many educational activities are arranged within the city centre).

The event, moving from the initial agenda, was also the occasion to discuss a lot about policies, to analyze on-going and future projects, to share a vision for the city and possible strategies for an integrated management of HBA also considering different point of views (elderly people, young children, people with disabilities.

The events were arranged in collaboration with K-city (society of urban planning supporting the Municipality in the development of target activities).