Urban ride in Mantova

Mantova (Italy)
Activity: Urban ride 
Target: Civil society
Participants: General public, NGO, Technicians, Decision makers 

Urban ride

The urban ride encouraged citizens to take their bikes and discover local urban regeneration activities in Mantova HBA.

On November 9th, BhENEFIT project organized a Urban Ride in Mantova: a slow ride through the historic center to discover the activities and projects which help the process of urban regeneration, within the context of Mantova Si Rigenera (Regenerating Mantova).

The participatory path drives citizens in the knowledge of integrated activities and regeneration projects enlivening the historical city centre and bringing together different actors (private and public) in a strong cooperation. The event drive participants in 7 stop-over related to different topics the city takes into account for an
integrated management of Mantova Historic Built Area: the city and the water, the city and the creative industries, the city and the cultural aspects, he city and the natural environment, the city and the Universities.

The event has been the occasion to present best practices on-going in the city centre and to strengthen the network of citizens and associations as well as to reason about how to build up successful integrated projects.