Urban walk in Mantova 

Mantova (Italy)
Activity: Urban walk
Target: Civil society
Participants: General public, NGO, Decision makers, Technicians

Urban walk

HUB Santagnese 10 became one of the most important spaces for networking activities in Mantova and a best practice of integrated management. 

On November 28th BhENEFIT project kicked off a full day of target activities with an Urban walk, to discover three examples of projects, policies and activities which can show the importance of an integrated approach in Mantova.

The participatory path drives citizens in the knowledge of other integrated initiatives (private) and policies (public) and regeneration projects. The event drove participants in 3 stop-over related to different topics the city takes into account for an integrated management of Mantova HBA: the city and the creative industries ,the city and Historic Built Area conservation and valorization, the city and the climate policies.

The stops were at  Mantova municipality, where the purpose of the event and BhENEFIT project were presented, Multi.ME, a creative industry and co-working space and  HUB Sant’Agnese 10 where Mantova Municipality presented PAES and PAESC. 

The event has been the occasion to present best practices on-going in the city centre and to strengthen the network of citizens and associations as well as to reason about how to build up successful integrated projects. The event was also the occasion to present the PAESC building-up participatory path started in November.