Design workshop in Debrecen

University of Debrecen, Debrecen (Hungary)
Activity: Design workshop
Target: Technicians and enterpreneurs
Participants: General public, Decision makers, Technicians, Local public authority, Sectoral agency, Higher education and research, Business support organization 

Design workshop in Debrecen

The design workshop is an useful way to motivate the participants to find ew solutions for the challenges in HBA management.

The design workshop is without doubts the format which is more adapted to include the largest range of participants: here all the categories of entrepreneurs and technicians should be included, inviting also public administration representatives and citizens as well.

KEK as project partner identified the key stakeholders who should participate in the design workshop for the maximal utilization, capitalization and dissemination of results achieved during the ransnational exchange of experiences within the BhENEFIT project as well as for bringing local and adaptable solutions for HBA management challenges.

The main challenge was to motivate the participants to find local but also generalizable solutions for the common challenges in HBA management and maintenance. Participants had different technical and professional background, which, on the one hand, created the opportunity for joint work and knowledge transfer; on the other hand, it made the understanding of HBA issues more difficult, but they had the chance to interact, to share heir ideas and to change their experiences in the context of HBAs.