Design workshop and informal event 

Mantova (Italy)
Activity: Design workshop and informal event
Target: Technicians and enterpreneurs
Participants: Citizens, NGO, Decision makers, Technicians, Regional public authority, Sectoral agency.

Design workshop

Using 3 different community maps focused on projects, proposals and policies, people discussed and shared their point of view to find the best integrated approach for Mantova Municipality

The design workshop focused on the presentation and work over three maps of the city center, which covered different topics: a map of projects, a map of proposals and a map of policies. The maps were designed starting from trainings made with the decision makers and with information collected from other informal events with key stakeholders, asking them ongoing projects, future ideas and policies. 

The informal event took place at lunchtime, with people having a light lunch while discussing together and with the municipality representatives, to compare their points of view and to integrate the existing maps with more information. All the information collected, the ideas, the opinions are very useful for the municipality and the idea is to compare the community maps with impressions collected with the GIS platform (Mantova si rigenera). The data crossing between the 2 instruments is useful to compare impressions of citizens, decision makers, associations of technicians, NGOs.

The event has been the occasion to present the present situation of the city centre and to discuss together about the future visions in an integrated way. A challenge addressed was the mediation among stakeholders with sometimes very different point of view, backgrounds and expectation. In fact some technicians taking part to the meeting were municipality employees (architects) that received the invitation from the association of architects they are part of. The mix of “external” tech and “decision makers” tech opened a good debate.