5th partner meeting in Tolna County

The partnership met the last time before the final conference. The partners met in Bonyhád, Tolna County to discuss the final tasks of the project enjoying a meeting organized by the Tolna County Development Agency.

A reiteration of the results achieved so far was followed by a discussion about the remaining tasks – the final touches on the OnePlace platform and the 3D Energy Management System are yet to come. Most importantly, the partners also committed themselves to create the Energy Efficiency Roadmaps for their respective region and those have to be adopted/acknowledged by the responsible public bodies.

The partnership – as a Study Visit – visited the premises Protheus Holding currently working on a very ambitious smart grid / e-mobility project in Paks, Hungary. The city with the only operating nuclear power plant in Hungary thinks about the future: with a total of 27 local municipalities a smart grid will be established to provide for local electricity generation and the decrease of GHG emissions by promoting e-buses, e-taxis and more.