Let us introduce our ENERGY EFFICIENT CITIES module (, which represents an exchange platform of experiences and identification of good practices within the energy efficiency sector intended to be used by public authorities and other public users.

This module is an inventory of easy-to-go-through catalogues of European best practices which can be browsed by any interested person, where ideas and solutions for energy efficiency in their buildings can be found easily. Based on good practices collected from BOOSTEE-CE partners it demonstrates the range of approaches and measures various cities have used to undertake efficiency improvements and thus can be helpful to guide cities in designing effective urban energy efficiency policies and programs.

So far our partnership has collected 24 good practices from the seven participating countries (Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Hungary and Austria) covering energy efficieny in buildings and smart metering. Good practices contain basic information, system characteristics, financial sources and financing details and project implementation benefits. Collection of practices is still ongoing.

You can try our wonderful module on our Train the Trainers seminars in Warsaw (Poland) on  30.09.2019-01.10.2019 or in Bled (Slovenia) on 17-18.10.2019! More information and registration: