FGM in Płońsk

On December 7, 2018, a meeting of the focus group under the BOOSTEE-CE project, took place at the Heat Energy Enterprise in Płońsk. The meeting was one of the elements of the meeting of the Płońsk Energy Cluster which associates: public service providers, private investors, SME’s, representatives of universities and local government. At the beginning, the project's coordinator presented his main assumptions, he informed about the sources of co-financing and deadlines for implementation.

The meeting was attended by specialists in the field of energy for which the Oneplace platform can be useful in performed tasks. In addition to  discussing the objectives of the Oneplace platform, which is a part of the BOOSTEE-CE project, the project implementation team also presented its other assumptions, such as the pilot action at Primary School No. 1 in Płońsk, consisting the replacement of lighting for energy-efficient one, together with the installation of the smart metering system, which will monitor the energy consumption in the rooms covered by the project.

The participants at the FGM organized by CMOP
BOOSTEE-CE was presented at the FGM organized by CMOP