Introducing the modules of the OnePlace platform - navigation shortcuts

Although the 3D Energy Management System is the most visually attractive offering of the OnePlace platform, there is a plethora of information to be explore by its users. We have three other modules providing useful knowledge with regards to energy efficiency in public buildings.

OnePlace is the best place!

The Living Energy Marketplace is a device & expert database tailor-made for local municipalities and end users looking for broaden their perspective on what kind of devices to install and whom to work with. A database of organizations from each country is available with contact information for your use, and you can find links to databases to reach official contractors in various fields, non-profit organizations offering assistance in implementing EE measures and many more.

The Energy Efficient Cities module is all about the finished investments presenting examples of EE projects done right. From renovation to smart metering, there are examples from all partner countries which can extend your knowledge and extend your perspective if you are looking for inspiration.

For the number-savvy, the Financing Energy Efficiency module offers detailed information about the various EE funding sources, best practices and methods in Europe. By giving a detailed strategic outlook, this section can contribute to building a funding strategy for your region/municipality. The module even offers a calculator for a basic indicative idea of profitability and advisability of the investment into an energy efficiency or RES project