Pilot action in the Zlín Region

The pilot action encompasses quite a huge number of buildings: The Uherské Hradiště Hospital, Grammar School in Holešov, Secondary Pedagogical and Social School Kroměříž; Basic School 1. Máje Kroměříž; Grammar School Valašské Klobouky and last but not least the Grammar School and Secondary Medical School Vsetín

The following objectives have been agreed as part of the pilot:

  • thermo-modernization of buildings,
  • construction of a new hospital building in modern standards (low energy consumption)
  • increasing the comfort of the building use and easier operation of the building
  • promoting and disseminating knowledge about energy efficiency measures in buildings.

The pilot action is a supplementary action for a 16093920 € investment carried out by Zlín Region. Energy Agency of the Zlín Region and BOOSTEE-CE contributed to the investment by energy management and energy audits. The main outcomes are the following:

  • 953 919 kWh annual reduction of energy consumption,
  • 55 060 € annual cost savings,
  • 90,695 tons annual reduction of CO2 emission.
Grammar school Holešov
Secondary pedagogical and social school Kroměříž
Basic school 1. Máje Kroměříž