The Final Booklet is now online

The BOOSTEE-CE project implemented a wide range of activities: we produced 3D building models, implemented 8 Pilot Actions, created Energy Efficiency Financing Roadmaps and the OnePlace Energy Platform. These are all complementary actions and their purpose is to increase Energy Efficiency in public buildings. Considering that COVID-19 prevents us from promoting all these achievements to the public, we made a collection of the most important results of the project. This Final Booklet also shows how this wide spectrum of actions build upon each other and comes together as a set of tools that can be used by public authorities, municipalities, local and regional institutions and even by the general public to reach energy efficiency goals.

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This booklet summarizes project activities and achievements, presenting the developed web platform and the performed pilot actions, reporting key messages and lesson learnt in a comprehensive way. Please enjoy reading this booklet and if you find it useful, just share it with your colleagues!