Brezno revitalization plans

YOUMOBIL will give new life to a small train station “Brezno mesto”, near the historical center of Brezno (SK), which is in desperate need of reconstruction. 

Brezno, a town in central Slovakia, is a main access point to Horehronie area and National parks. It is located on the rail line between Banská Bystrica and Červená Skala. Brezno has two train stations: Main railway station is combined with the bus station but is located on the far side of town and Brezno mesto train station is located near the town center. 

This 123 m2 station building and surrounding space is owned by Slovak Republic, but it is no longer used for railway services and is in desperate need of refurbishment. 
The waiting area of the station has been inaccessible for years. First floor office spaces can be rented. There is one platform with passenger toilets outside. The whole space is deteriorated and inappropriate for public transport. 

Current planning includes a library and a gallery on the ground floor, spaces to be designed by young local artists and used as a meeting room for Youth Parliament. Another part of ground floor is intended for exhibitions (railway museum). 
The exterior of the station will be transformed to a more pleasant space for travelling public by creating communal gardens, placing street furniture, small playground for children and bicycle stand (including e-bikes) which will be used for bike sharing.

Where and what will be done check here.