Infopack - Zugló Budapest CWC pilot action 

In March 2022 the CWC project partners and stakeholders from all the partner countries gathered online to get a deeper look inside the rainwater harvest and greywater reuse system implemented in the Hétszínvirág kindergarten Zugló, Budapest.

Investment Zugló

Technical details

The technical aspects of the pilot investment were presented by the engineering team of the project.

investment zuglo 2

Mr. József Pál (Greenvest Forum Ltd.), mechanical engineer gave an overview about the technological chain of the investment, it’s challenges and advantages.

Mr. Tamás Molnár (Hidroconsulting Ltd. ), project manager of the site works shared detailed technical information on the implemented solutions, how the water circulates from the roofs and handwashing taps to the gravel bed filter zone and how it is reused for toilet flush and watering the garden.

Building user’s aspect

users aspects

The concerns of building users – practically the children and parents, teachers, and the maintenance staff - are equally important as environmental or economic considerations. Ms. Dorottya Budai, teacher, and Mr. Ferenc Deák, caretaker of the Hétszínvirág kindergarten told on the challenges and disadvantages during and after the implementation. As the building was in normal use, it was challenging to coordinate the daily pedagogical work with the investment. The parallel works required high tolerance from the building users.

Thought, despite of all inconveniences during the works, the benefits in awareness raising and education of the children results in a positive balance of the project.

The presentations of the technical experts are available here and here.

For video fans 

Watching this 6-minute-long video (with English subtitles) you will get informed about the investment, the policy context, and motivations of the municipality.

Zuglo Investment Video