Business Model creation in Mobility Action

Trento, 7. November 2018

On November 5 and 6th 2018 FBK (the Bruno Kessler Foundation) organized a “Business model evaluation” workshop as Mobility action of  the Interreg Digital Life for CE project.

 The Partners involved were: PAT (The Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy), StepRi (Rjeka, Croatia), WPT (Worclaw Technology Park) and Trentino Salute 4.0 IP expert Paolo Guarda.

 The main goal of this Mobility Action was to deal with the Trentino Governance Model Trentino Salute 4.0 (TS4.0) and set up an evaluation and possible way to implement a sustainable model for the long term.

Partners from StepRi were especially invited to give their feedback, conception and advice on the development of this particular model.

 During the meeting we talked about the following issues:

  • Exploring existing value proposition and possible business model logic
  • Identification of the key business model elements
  • Intellectual property

Make an Implementation road mapping and Conceptualization and testing of the business model elements.

The discussion was very animated, fruitful and newsworthy as StepRi Partners had objective and concrete propositions to help developing the Trentino Governance Model. 

We made a concrete evaluation of TS4.0 using StepRi Business Model Canvas (customers segments, creation and conception, distribution, communication plan, possible income) and analyses between costs and income.

 StepRi helped the Trentino partners underlining the importance of the sustainability of a project, which must be taken into consideration regardless of whether it is a profit or non-profit activity. In this perspective, the meetings were interesting precisely because they highlighted the need to define a long-term perspective for TS4.0

 Other issues in agenda were the input of partner WPT:

  •  Wroclaw Technology Park – presentation on their experience for digital health SMEs and public-private partnership
  •  We concluded our Mobility Action with a trilateral meeting including StepRi, PAT and FBK about possible future cooperation.

by Olivia Balagna