New Normality - Global Entrepreneurship Week in Poland

From 16 to 22 November the World Entrepreneurship Week Foundation, with the support of regional coordinators, organizes a series of meetings, events and training courses. The main idea is broadly understood entrepreneurship. In the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, the Kielce Technology Park is a regional coordinator. The role of the KTP is to encourage others - companies, institutions, schools, etc., to organize some pro-entrepreneurial activities.

Through the website everyone can join the group of partners of this unique undertaking. Through the same website, anyone who wants to take advantage of the partners' offer can find out what is happening in the region. Participation in the events is free. Activities take place online on the Google Meet platform.

The first of the meetings organized by KTP is "New Normality. How to act to survive " (November 17 at 10:00). The participants will meet with Aneta Oleszek - the owner of PODOPHRAM, and the head of Hejo Agency, Piotr Młynarczyk. The meeting is aimed at entrepreneurs who are struggling with problems related to the pandemic. The lockdown caused companies to find themselves in a crisis situation, suffered irreparable losses - and here the question arises, how irreversible? PODOPHARM and Hejo Agency - are perfect examples of how the pandemic forced entrepreneurs to launch previously undiscovered amounts of energy and creativity. Our speakers will tell the stories of their businesses. Aneta Oleszek, as an experienced entrepreneur, Piotr Młynarczyk - beginners in the industry that is very popular today.

Part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week is the next edition of „Linking at KTP” - networking event. Due to the restrictions, we gave up quick business dates and in the first part there will be a lecture by Monika Rosmanowska from Akapit Publishing House, which will talk about how companies should communicate so that the media can write about them well.  Akapit specializes in native advertising, creating high-quality, unique promotional content for the largest players on the Polish market. But most importantly, the host has extensive experience in working in the media. It will also be a very inspiring meeting.

Meanwhile, for those entrepreneurs who want to learn design thinking in order to create products and services based on a deep analysis of the problems and needs of the other party, the "Design thinking in practice" training will be held. The meeting is planned on November 19 at 11:00, also on the Google Meet Platform.

Honorary patronage: Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Major of Kielce

Media patronage: Radio Kielce

 „New Normality