Baumhaus network 

Baumhaus (BH)  is a city’s house of urban arts and cultures that has been growing in the most intercultural neighborhood of Bologna and today is a referral point for the whole city.

Can culture drive an entrepreneurial project with the aim of having a social impact on the community?  
Baumhaus demonstrates that the answer is absolute, yes, and their story tells us how. 

Baumhaus has grown from a network of different realities and projects that believe in culture as a tool to open spaces of autonomy in the suburbs, to develop critical skills and as a basis to imagine and build work and training paths that start from the needs and desires of the new generations while creating work opportunities for culture professionals. Baumhaus is an attractive place and model for young people where everyone can find time and space to socialize, get to know, experiment, and orient themselves towards school and work. A model that has developed new training ideas and formats taking into consideration the new generation perspective and where it’s tried to design new paths of cultural and social innovation. 

You might wonder what makes it so innovative?

Baumhaus is based on open culture; network and territorial community concepts and value: sharing and transmitting skills and empowerment in a perspective of redistribution of opportunities, knowledge, and innovation working through open but solid networking to build and reinforce a local community. That’s Baumhaus, a point of reference for the cultural productions of the city, to trigger mechanisms of inclusion and empowerment for youth and for the community.