Good practices of the Wodociągi Kieleckie

Wodociągi Kieleckie is the largest water and sewage company in the Świętokrzyskie region. It is also a great example of a socially responsible company.

The Wodociągi Kieleckie company has been from the beginning of its existence a part of the local community life, shaping them, co-creating, constantly improving, taking full responsibility for the effects of these activities, as its duty to society. The company works for the benefit of society and the environment. The transparency of these activities is supported by documentation in the form of established standards, as well as broadly understood communication among the public. The company is involved in sponsorship, patronage, and dialogue with the local community which is necessary to meet the residents` needs. Their ISO certificates (quality management system and environmental management system) are proof of it.

The company's standards are based on respect for the work of social workers, the elderly, pensioners, war veterans, families, people in difficult life situations, the ones who are threatened by social exclusion, supporting us in implementing our high standards of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility means activities in key areas such as social involvement and development of the local community, human rights, environment, organizational order, work practices, fair operating practices, and consumer issues. The company cooperates with schools, colleges, and universities in the region such as the Jan Kochanowski University and the Kielce University of Technology (internship projects, exchange of knowledge, scientific programs).

They invest in employees by participating in qualification raising programs, integration, and equal opportunities programs. The effects of those are, for example, timely paid salaries, high culture, and safety at work, professional development, additional medical care, high-quality social facilities, equality in salary and position.

The company organizes employee volunteering involvement for pro-social initiatives. Supporting the most vulnerable people at risk of social exclusion, such as children and people with disabilities who are company priorities. Wodociągi Kieleckie cooperates with local organizations that deal with programs for children and youth. They provide donations for socially useful purposes, provide material assistance, and transfers installation devices for free. The company has permanent patronage over the Dance Performance Team in Provincial Culture Center in Kielce, which consists of disabled children and adults; Association of Friends of the S. Żeromski Theater"Kubuś" Puppet and Actor Theater, "Zalew Kielce" Student Sports Club, and the "Polonia" Białogon Parish Sports Club.

The company also engages its own forces and employees in organizing events for the benefit of the local environment. Another form of work for the local environment is organizing visits to the company's headquarters and premises, including water intakes and sewage treatment plants, workshops related to water and sewage, and practical ecological education.

In addition to charitable donations, the company organizes charity concerts, fundraising activities, fairs, etc. Thanks to the collection of paper, it was possible to finance the construction of a well for a village in drought-affected Sudan. 

Wodociągi Kieleckie supports non-governmental organizations, families, institutions, people in difficult life situations and the ones with disabilities. They are working for the protection and promotion of health.

The main activity of Wodociągi Kieleckie is environmental protection. In 2007 the company accepted a special document - "Quality and environment policy". It obliges the company to "improve production and service processes in terms of meeting requirements and preventing adverse environmental impacts, including its pollution." The company carries out ecological activities in kindergartens, schools, and educational institutions as well as investments aimed at limiting the negative impact on the environment. "Sitkówka" Sewage Treatment Plant (company`s investment) is one of the first installations in the country for the production of heat and electricity from biogas combustion from sewage sludge fermentation. It was launched in 1999. Currently, such installations are standard in sewage treatment plants in Poland and abroad. The company's administrative building has solar water running and the company's car fleet is served by a computer GPS fleet management system, which helps to reduce fuel consumption.