How is the social economy developed in Poland?

In 2016, the social economy sector in Poland comprised of 90.9 thousand non-governmental
organizations and 1.5 thousand active cooperatives, among which the majority are social
cooperatives (60%). In total, in 2017, 11.9 thousand employees worked in cooperatives,
most of all they are people at risk of social exclusion and people at risk on the labor market
(in social cooperatives it is close to 50% of people).
The advantage of the social economy sector is its participation in the implementation of
social services of general interest. Approximately 20% of the institutions provide social
services in such areas as social assistance and childcare, socio-professional integration,
health care, education, culture and sport. Entities providing social services in 2016 had a
total of 12.2 million recipients who benefited from their activities at least twice a year,
including 7.6 million persons using only the offer of entities providing non-institutionalized
social services.
Last year in the Świętokrzyskie region was awarded Social Economy Leaders - VIVE Group
in the business category, Social Cooperative "Tropem Przygody" in the category of
enterprise and commune Starachowice - in the category of local government. They work
every day to promote pro-social attitudes and to promote social economy in local
governments, associations and enterprises.
The social economy combines something that seemingly cannot be combined. Who would
have thought that social goals could be achieved by economic methods, and a social factor
could be included in economic activities? But this sector would not develop without the
support of local government and business. It is thanks to this cooperation that everyone
achieves success.
That’s why we want to support social enterprises and encourage altruistic entrepreneurs to
become their business mentors. If you are a social entrepreneur who needs knowledge and
support of an experienced business mentor or you have company and wish to be socially
responsible and share your know-how, follow us on social media and other channels.