Information Websites during covid-19 crisis

During the pandemic crisis across the globe, European countries set up their own informative website where they published the latest public health data about the coronavirus.

Send eV Website in Germany: The Social Entrepreneur Network Deutschland is collecting information about #covid18 support mechanisms by the state and federal states for social entrepreneurs and provides a regularly updated PDF online. Additionally, they published a collection of offers for help, statements, and further tips that are relevant for social entrepreneurs in their blog. 

Link to Blogpost: 

Slovak platform made a chatbot (, where Slovak citizens can ask essential questions about COVID-19.


On Polish Social Welfare Portal, website dedicated to the third sector, there is all available information for NGOs - legal advice, documents, training information, examples of relevant practices.


Polish Government website - the page that gives up-to-date, official and reliable information on the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 causing COVID-19 illness. The website where you can learn how to avoid risk and what to do when you or your family members suspect having contracted the virus.