Miret biodegradable sneakers

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Miret sneakers crowdfunding campaign exceeded by more than six times!

The campaign for ecological sneakers Miret exceeded the goal of 10,000 US dollars in just one night. At the time of writing, this amount was already six times higher than planned.

Miret is a start-up, incubated at the Zagreb Innovation Center (ZICER). Five years ago the Boljar brothers worked on the development of super-ecological sneakers, made out of 97% natural materials. This makes them biodegradable, unlike more than 90% of all other footwear in the world. 

The campaign was led by a five-member team and the most important role for success was long-term work on gathering the community. The campaign itself was prepared for six months. 

This start-up gathered a community that shares the values of the brand, which greatly helped to achieve the goal. It is a kind of community that gathers people around ideas or products, so the campaign naturally spread beyond the borders of Croatia. In the first 24 hours, 40% of the backers were from abroad.

The campaign was launched in March at Kickstarter and in one single day, Miret startup sold shoes in the amount of 33 000 euros. A relatively new brand in Croatia has managed to reach the daily sales of much larger players in the Country.

Most supporters of this campaign were buyers from Croatia, after them, buyers were from Slovenia, Austria, US, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Sneakers cost around 85 US dollars and the campaign showed us that people consider that an affordable price. This campaign also very simply showed us that there is a very serious trend of a growing demand for organic products.

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