Social entrepreneurship in Hungary

In Hungary, any kind of organization can be a social enterprise, provided that it has a social aim and revenues from sales are proven. While the core activities of social enterprises are usually education, health, welfare reform, human rights, workers’ rights, environment, economic development and agriculture according to the international literature, there are other sectors in the spotlight in Hungary. Poverty, the exclusion of disadvantaged groups from the labour market, aging population, youth unemployment and too early exit from the labour market, discrimination against vulnerable groups and homelessness are the most important areas of local initiations. 

There are more and more opportunities for social enterprises in Hungary, such as accelerator programs, funds, learning activities, challenges and fundraising events. Have you ever wondered how we can support elderly people without a hierarchical support system? Elderberry Cafe knows the answer. This is a special place in Budapest connecting generations through recipes with stories. The uniqueness of Elderberry is that there are no waiters, only volunteer hosts of different generations sharing stories through the food they cook and serve. This Cafe was one of the finalists of Social Impact Award. 

And have you ever heard of innovative charity shops (Cseriti) or special playgrounds for children with severe mental illnesses (MagikMe)? These initiatives are just two examples from the several beneficiaries of the national capital fund called Social Impact Fund.