magdas HOTEL - a little bit different, but still very successful

Those who come to magdas HOTEL will soon realize that this is a special place: nothing is new here, there are many styles that are combined and yet the entire space is very charming. Why? Because you can see a lot of details in the upcycling design of the common areas and rooms and the diversity of the staff shows cosmopolitanism... and because friendliness is in the air. That's why the hotel in Vienna is different... just like the website of the magdas group promises.Managing director Gabriela Sonnleitner explains why the magdas HOTEL is different: "The hotel is a social business operation. The focus is on the training of young people with an escape background in various hotel and catering professions. And not only the training is professional, but also the management. Because the hotel must be economically self-sustaining. This is also part of the social business concept.”

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Solving social problems: That should be the purpose of every business - or shouldn't it?
Actually, magdas HOTEL shouldn’t be extraordinary. It should be simply a company that works for the good of society: that takes up social problems, tries to solve them and develops a business model from them. "I think it's a pity that the term Social Business - or Impact Entrepreneur, as we are sometimes called - still seems to be necessary for many. In my opinion, every company should be judged by, among other things, what social and/or ecological value it creates for society. And no label should need that." Gabriela goes on saying: "We are struggling at various interfaces in Austria to get out of this niche and that the way we work is moving into the mainstream".
That takes courage... and courageous people have already changed some things for the better. And we need that now - the challenges we all have to face are too great.