CEETO & DUNC: Connecting Interreg Projects and Partners

December 5th 2018 - the Authority of the Biosphere Reserve Southeast-Rügen joined the partner meeting of the Interreg South Baltic project DUNC (Development of UNESCO Natural and Cultural Assets) in Wismar, Germany, to discuss the project progress and take part in the “Best Practice Exchange Workshop – Products and Services”.

In the Best Practice Exchange Workshop that took place from December 5ht to 6th of the present year, the participants were ask to test out a tool developed by the Municipality of Karlskrona. This tool was composed of a gamified worksheet including five to seven steps to help align overall goals of UNESCO sites with e.g. short- to medium term financial interest of local businesses. Thus, participants had first to think of the “origin” of the site, on with all the other steps were upon e.g. their current objectives, interests of local stakeholders and connections to the Sustainable Development Goals.

During this session, participants were, on one hand, able to share best practice examples from their areas and, on the other hand through the gamified worksheet, look at current or future challenges and possible ways to solves these in collaboration with local stakeholders. In the workshop evaluation, it became clear that the tool was helpful in presenting partners with a structured working process, however, for most, describing the origin or the story of the UNCESCO site was very difficult. Thus, the possibility of creating a gamified work process to develop a sites story was discussed

DUNC partners meeting

DUNC partners meeting - Photo by UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Southeast-Rügen

Furthermore, during this two-day meeting, the DUNC work packages and progress were discussed, the associated partners got to know all participants and their work (e.g. interest in creating a joined Baltic Sea Tourism Center) and the CEETO project coordinator from the Biosphere Reserves Southeast-Rügen presented the CEETO Teaser. All parties agreed that a continuous exchange between the Interreg projects should happen and where possible close collaboration should be developed.

UNESCO Biosphere Southeast-Rügen Teaser

UNESCO Biosphere Southeast-Rügen Teaser - Watch it online

The Authority of the Biosphere Reserve Southeast-Rügen is associated partner of the Interreg DUNC Project. DUNC aims at creating a cross-border cooperation network of UNESCO sites and stakeholders as well as creating new sustainable quality products and services and thus aligning sustainable tourism strategies with local activities related to the UNESCO guidelines for sustainable tourism development.

For more information, please visit DUNC Project website or social media on Facebook, Instagram (dunc_heritage) or #WorldHeritage.