CEETO interviews

Below you will find a repository of interviews performed by CEETO project partners and published on TV, Radio, YouTube or other communication channels during the implementation of CEETO project.

Emilia-Romagna Region – Protected Areas, Forestry and Mountains Development Department

ERR_PNATE - Teasers Interviews Transcription - ITALIAN
ERR_PNATE - Teasers Interviews Transcription - ENGLISH
ERR_PRAAM - Teasers Interviews Transcription - ITALIAN
ERR_PRAAM - Teasers Interviews Transcription - ENGLISH
ERR_PRDP - Teasers Interviews Transcription - ITALIAN
ERR_PRDP - Teasers Interviews Transcription - ENGLISH

EUROPARC Federation


UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Salzburger Lungau

TV contribution about the Kick-off event Echt.Sein in der Biosphäre 

Soelktaeler Nature Park

Radio Freequeens Stefan Falkensteiner

NIMFEA Environment and Nature Conservation Association


Authority for the Biosphere Reserve South east Ruegen

10.07.2018 - Interview with Mana Peter (Tourismuszentrale Rügen); Interview only available in German (see pdf)
24.07.2018 - Interview with Knut Schäfer (Weiße Flotte - Touris Ferry /Boaring company); Interview only available in German (see pdf)

Federparchi - The Italian Federation of Parks and Nature Reserves - Europarc Italy


Regional Development Centre Koper

Video about the Sečovlje salina Nature park

Public institution Nature Park Medvednica


WWF Adria – Association For Nature Protection And Biodiversity Conservation

RADIO MARTIN-ZABAVNI RADIO (a 20-minute radio show; with WWF Adria, and staff and students from High School-Centre for education and training); Recording: 10.6.2019.; On air: 14.6.2019. 18:00 o´clock
RADIO LAGANINI – promotion of the project and event and invitation to interested public – 5.6.2019.
HRT - Andrea Štefan and Tajana Ban Ćurić interview - 22.10.2018.
Kanal RI - report from CEETO mid-term conference:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0xWsB7vz5g&feature=youtu.be (22.10.2018.)
RADIO RIJEKA - inteview - 22.10.2018.